Learning Disability - An Awareness Workshop


This is an induction level workshop for staff in the area of learning disability and the issues.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will:

Be able to

  • Define leaning disability and its causes
  • Identify your role in supporting people with a learning disability
  • Differentiate between the social and medical model of disability

Have an understanding of

  • The nature and causes of learning disability
  • The barriers to every day life for people with a learning disability

Gain experience of

  • what it is like to be disempowered

Course Outline:

  • Consider the definition of learning disability
  • Consider the causes of learning disability
  • Discussion on the social and medical model of disability
  • Introduce facts and figures
  • Discuss the every day barriers that people with a learning disability face
  • Practical experience of disempowerment
  • Your role in working with people with learning disability

The overall approach will be one which is participatory and builds on participants own experience. In addition, participants will be provided with presentations, the opportunity for group discussions and real life scenarios for skills practice.

The workshop is one that is based around the delegates and their skills and requirements

Participants will gain an insight into the breadth of the subject and have the opportunity for skills practice in a safe non threatening environment

Intended For:

New staff to the field of learning disability

An open mind, a willingness to take part