Measurement and Valuation of Civil Engineering Works


In today's world of ever tighter margins and cash flow problems being experienced within the industry, prompt and equitable settlement for the work carried out is essential. It is therefore vital that professionals involved with the process of measurement and valuation understand fully the implications of the task they are undertaking. The purpose of this training course is to study in detail, with delegate participation, the implications of this aspect of contract administration and the procedures which should be followed.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Understand everyone's duties and responsibilities under the Conditions of Contract.
  • Appreciate measurement procedures.
  • Apply procedures for interim valuations.
  • Understand variations and their evaluation.
  • Identify claims procedures.
  • Understand the process of the preparation of the final account.

Course Outline:

  • Forms of contract.
  • The contract documents.
  • The duties and responsibilities of the Engineer and the Contractor.
  • The role of the Employer.
  • Organisation of systems and staff.
  • Measurement procedure.
  • Interim Valuations.
  • Valuation of Variations.
  • Identify claims procedures.
  • Final Account.