Record Keeping in a Care Setting


Record keeping is a vital element of a well run professional care setting. However, this is one area where inadequate staff training and poor working practices can have catastrophic results. All Care Workers need to understand the importance of effective record keeping and be able to keep the required records in accordance with organisational and legislative requirements.

Aims & Objectives:

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:-:

  • Understand the legislative context of record keeping in a care setting
  • Define the term "record" in relation to this context
  • Determine how the level of importance they attach to record keeping in their role and compare and contrast this with colleagues and sector standards.
  • List records which are required in different types of care setting
  • Describe their responsibilities under the Data Protection Act
  • Identify areas where confidentiality is important
  • List barriers to effective record keeping and how to overcome these.

Learning Outcomes:

To gain knowledge, link to experience and improve capability of delegates in respect to record keeping in a care setting.

Course Outline:

  • Legislation
  • Definition of "record"
  • Types of record
  • Data protection, freedom of information and confidentiality
  • Barriers to effective record keeping
  • Appropriate record keeping procedures
  • Do 's and don'ts of record keeping in the care sector

The course will be delivered in a fun interactive style utilising a mixture of presentation of knowledge with activities and exercises to relate theory to practice. The overall aim is to deliver outcome driven training that unlike most courses actually aims to improve performance.

Previous delegates have commented:-

"This course will definitely help me improve my record keeping"
"I will not use abbreviations in future"


Intended For:

Anyone who works in a care setting including; residential care home , nursing home, domiciliary care agency, foster care agency etc.

All delegates are asked to bring to the course is an open mind, a sense of fun and the willingness to open their minds to new ideas.