ICE Supervising & Delegated Civil Engineer Role

We operate a training scheme approved by the Institution of Civil Engineers to provide out-sourced Approved Training and Mentoring support.

We can offer a variety of activities relating to the SCE/DE role ranging from the full implementation of our approved training scheme to selected individually tailored functions, designed to meet a client's requirements.

Some of the benefits resulting from our bespoke role include:

  • Substantial savings on your training expenditure,
  • Structured and efficient completion of the Institution's Attributes/Competencies - ensuring you see more rapid returns on your investment,
  • Demystification for you and your staff of what can often seem a confusing, daunting and regimented system,
  • More effective matching of the individual's strengths with the particular Institutions's requirement. Consequently, the trainee feels more valued, raising their motivation and commitment levels and could enhance your staff retention levels,
  • Eliminating feelings of isolation and lack of direction for the trainee via regular meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations,
  • Continual updating of any Institution requirements and documentation. 

A well developed and managed scheme brings many benefits.

  • The development of the trainee is an expensive process not always fully cost by employers. It is vital from a commercial perspective that the organisation receives a real return on it's investment as early as practicable.
  • A well-thought-out development programme should be cost effective, relevant, minimise abortive or non-productive management & trainee time.
  • The coordination of the formal training into the overall development programme of a trainee can be organised more effectively.
  • It gives a clear signal to the trainee that the employer is committed to his/her continuing development within the organisation.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet you to discuss this initiative in more detail and to explore avenues which may benefit both your trainees and your organisation, should this be of interest please Contact:

Bethan Roberts 01446 775959 or email

We can also offer professional mentorship as an In house course.

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 Achieving Professional Status