Managing and Embracing Change in the Workplace

Aims & Objectives:

Course Objectives /Aims & Learning Outcomes:

This course aims to cover the important basic requirements to enable owners and managers to meet the challenges arising from the need to change an organisations structure, culture or operating systems.

Course Outline:

Course Outline:

Change -a Definition

  • To agree a definition of change
  • Assess the change and the impact on the sector/industry

Understanding why change is not always easy

  • Defining the common symptoms of resistance to change
  • Understand how to identify the symptoms and plan an approach to manage change

Assess leadership styles

  • Adapting these styles match the needs of the current situation
  • Assessing how these styles can influence the process of change

Workshop Session

  • Identify the team role of individuals - Questionnaire (based on Belbin)
  • Participate in a group activity to develop an awareness of team type interaction

Intended For:

All health and social care workers employed in care homes, nursing homes, domiciliary care agencies, supported living environments, GP surgeries, dentists, opticians.

The course is delivered through a range of discussions encouraging delegate interaction and a workshop session.

Participants will be invited to complete evaluation forms and will be encouraged to discuss their learning and future development needs with their supervisor/manager.