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Disability and Equality

Disability and Equality


This Seminar will enable delegates to explore the various strands of culture and diversity both from their own perspective and the perspective of others, thus enabling delegates to gain confidence in recognising diversity issues that present themselves in day to day working activities.

Aims & Objectives:

Course Objectives /Aims:

  • To raise awareness of diversity and equality issues and the way that they impact on the role of your organisation.
  • To create a deeper understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and similarities.
  • Help target diverse groups and markets and help provide appropriate services.
  • To highlight the relevant legislation.

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Increase their understanding of equality and diversity issues and its benefits for their organisation.
  • Have a better knowledge and understanding of the different communities in Wales.
  • Increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Have more confidence in cross-cultural communication.
  • Have a better understanding of the current relevant legislation.

Course Outline:


  • Opening remarks
  • Overview of Training Style
  • Aims and Objectives

Session 1

  • Define Diversity & Equality
  • Values and Beliefs

Session 2

  • Cultural differences & Cultural similarities
  • Historical background to minority ethnic groups in Wales

Session 3

  • Discrimination, prejudice, stereotype and harassment

Session 4

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Cultural Quiz
  • Review Key Learning Points


  • Re-cap the key learning points from day 1
  • Issues arising from day 1

Session 1

  • The power & Impact of Language

Session 2

  • Challenging inappropriate language and behaviour

Session 3

  • Attitudes in the workplace
  • Outline the legal & policy framework for equality

Session 4

  • Identifying personal responsibilities and future objectives
  • Evaluation and close

Interactive, activity based, and involves group discussion.

We aim to incorporate different learning styles in a non-confrontational atmosphere. Training sessions will raise awareness and encourage participants to adopt an open-minded approach whilst positively challenging perceptions and assumptions. The sessions are fun and provide a firm foundation for sharing Best practice.

  • Quiz to be used as an ice-breaker
  • Case Studies
  • Role-play
  • Use of Video/Video Clips
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Have an increased awareness of Cultural Diversity and Equality Training
  • Recognise and promote why people should promote and encourage fairness of opportunity and diversity both externally and internally with colleagues
  • Identify Factors that promote diversity in the workplace
  • Understand your own responsibilities and the potential impact of personal beliefs and assumptions

Intended For:

All Staff irrespective of position/role in organisation

A willingness to participate and, if required, to adopt attitudinal change in and out of the Workplace.