Substance Misuse - An Introduction (2 days)


A two day course to increase knowledge, confidence and competence around the most commonly used substances in the UK. Many people have fears around drugs and alcohol; this course can help you/ your organisation deal with the issues. You should attend if you wish to minimise problems, need to have accurate information to inform (organisational) policy or simply wish to get the facts around this issue. The course is mapped to the UK DANOS standards (Drug and Alcohol National Occupational Standards)

Aims & Objectives:

Aims & Objectives:

The learner will be able to:

  • Describe how drugs/alcohol affect physical/mental health
  • Describe the effects of the different types of substances
  • Describe how tolerance and dependence on drugs/alcohol develop
  • Describe how to safely reduce/withdraw from drugs/alcohol
  • Work out their own and other's alcohol consumption levels
  • Work out units of alcohol in any drink and the safer/riskier levels of consumption
  • Describe the law on drugs/alcohol in the UK, including drink/drug driving
  • " Access appropriate support for themselves or others

Learning outcomes:

Participants will have a greater knowledge and understanding of drugs and alcohol and the effects on individuals, how to avoid problems and how to access support for problems.

Course Outline:

Day 1


  • What is alcohol? What is a drug?
  • What type of drinker/drug user are you?
  • Working out your units
  • Safer/riskier levels
  • Tolerance, dependence and withdrawal
  • Alcohol and the law


  • The physical effects of alcohol
  • Drinking and driving
  • Key facts on alcohol use in the UK
  • Support for those with an alcohol issue

Day 2


  • What drugs do you know?
  • Why do people use?
  • Broad classification of drugs and their effects


  • Broad classification continued
  • How do people use?
  • How do people experience different drugs?
  • Seeing is believing - the techniques of injection (DVD)
  • Final Assessment
  • Initial Assessment -via a knowledge based quiz
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Individual and Group Exercises
  • Discussion
  • Visual Aids e.g. (empty!) samples, audio/visual
  • Feedback Activity
  • Final Assessment - a "pub quiz"
  • The opportunity to develop their own knowledge and skills and apply this in the workplace and in their personal lives.
  • A chance to learn how to enjoy alcohol with minimal risk, and reduce illness/absenteeism through its effects.
  • An increased awareness of the effects substances and where to access help and support

Intended For:

All disciplines, and all levels/grades of staff