NEC3 - Engineering & Construction Contract - Masterclass


This is a fast-paced intensive course for delegates with knowledge and/or practical experience of using the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract and who are dealing on a regular basis with programmes, early warnings, payments and compensation events.

Aims & Objectives:

By attending this course, delegates will learn how to deal in a practical way with complex issues experienced on NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contracts including notifying early warnings, acceptance of programmes, assessing payments and managing compensation events.

Course Outline:

The course will comprise:

Some of the lesser known clauses of the ECC and how to deal with them.

  • Design responsibility and liability.
  • Instructing a search.
  • Who pays for defects correction?
  • The Accepted Programme.
  • Updating the Programme.
  • Dealing with time risk, float and concurrent delays.
  • Acceleration.
  • Some typical problems encountered with early warnings.
  • Dealing with difficulties with the Schedules of Cost Components.
  • Assessing complex changes.

Mode of Delivery:

This course combines a taught element with interactive discussion and group case study exercises.

Intended For:

Practitioners with significant knowledge and practical experience of using the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract.