Wall Tie Failure


The course introduces attendees to the concept of Wall Tie Failure and explains how in practice it occurs. The consequences of not dealing with wall tie failure and cost effective options for the repair of failed systems is a central theme of the days training. The knowledge offered, allows designers to avoid costly failures by specifying systems that do not repeat past defective practice. Maintenance managers will benefit from knowledge gained to enable a wider range of repair techniques to be considered when charged with remediating defective wall tie installations.

Aims & Objectives:

The training and knowledge offered covers six generic areas:

  • The problems corroded wall ties create
  • Buildings at most risk
  • Conditions that give rise to failure
  • Recognition and correct diagnosis of failure
  • Correct specification of repairs
  • Alternative remedial systems

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the structural significance of wall tie failure
  • Be aware of the building most at risk
  • Be able to identify situational factors that give rise failure
  • Be able to carry out investigations and diagnose failed systems
  • Be able to specify repairs
  • Be aware of alternative repair systems and be able to select the most cost effective of these in given situations
  • Improved understanding of wall tie failure
  • Be aware of investigative techniques to diagnose wall tie failure
  • Gain an improved knowledge base from which to develop better repair strategies and management of future projects
  • An appreciation of current systems available and applied best practice

Course Outline:

  • Wall tie failure - what is it?
  • Common effects of wall tie failure
  • Factors that determine if corrosion takes place
  • Exposure ratings and wall tie failure
  • Typical examples of damage caused by wall tie failure
  • Life expectance of wall tie systems
  • Contributory factors
  • Typical cracking patterns
  • Investigative techniques
  • Assessment of condition and choice of repair strategy
  • Repair methods
  • Performance requirements and design of wall tie systems
  • Case example
  • Range of systems available for repair

Mode of Delivery:

Throughout the training course the main method of knowledge transfer will be illustrated presentations. Actual case histories will be used to demonstrate how the knowledge disseminated in the presentations is applied in practice. To aid this process the training period will be supported with a number of group interactive sessions. Typically these will comprise:

  • Individual or Group Exercises
  • Discussion
  • Visual Aids e.g. short DVD/video, models, samples, etc
  • Assessment via group response to questions designed to assess knowledge assimilation

Benefits of Attending:

Participants to the course will gain a broader more informed knowledge base in the area of Wall Tie Failure. The course will provide a basis for further knowledge assimilation and improvement in operational competence.

Intended For:

Property/Facilities Managers, Designers, Supervisory staff engaged in property maintenance, Housing officers, Environmental control staff, Supervisory Building and Civil Engineering staff engaged in refurbishment projects. Junior staff in training for supervisory roles.