FIDIC Contracts - Introduction


This one-day course is ideal for construction professionals engaged on projects where any of the FIDIC Contracts are to be used.

It starts by covering the White Book, which is the Consultants’ Agreement with the Employer and progresses through the Conditions of Contract, using the Red Book as the base Contract, but with references to the Yellow, Silver and Gold Books, and the Multilateral Development Bank version (‘the Pink Book’) as required by delegates on the day.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will have a broad introductory overview of the FIDIC Contracts

Course Outline:

  • Background to FIDIC Contracts – the range of Books, their use, structure and policy and composition
  • The White Book – a look at the provisions and other incorporated documents and Appendices in detail
  • The Construction Contracts, Red, Yellow, Silver, Pink and Gold Books:
    • General Clauses – definitions, formation of the Contract, the Tender, the Parties and the Engineer
    • Design responsibility – differences between the Books
    • Personnel, plant, materials and workmanship
    • Time – commencement, programmes, delays, suspension, completion
    • Testing, taking over and defects
    • Payment – measurement, valuation, Variations, financing charges
    • Risks and remedies – suspension, termination, indemnities, insurances,
    • Claims, disputes and arbitration – types of claims, claims procedures, composition of claims, the Engineer’s role, Dispute Boards, Procedural Rules, Arbitration

Mode of Delivery:

This is an interactive day, with open discussion and participation by delegates, covering typical situations and problems. It will take delegates through the FIDIC Contracts in a way which will show them the respective parties’ rights and obligations and prepare them to use the Contracts correctly. Delegates will be given some full notes and a table comparing the different Contracts to keep.

Benefits of Attending:

  • They will have explained to them the different contracting strategies for using each of the FIDIC Books
  • Participants will gain a full understanding of the rights, duties and obligations of all parties
  • In particular, they will see how the Engineer should administer the Contracts, including giving instructions, measuring and valuing the Works and dealing with Variations
  • They will be taken through the claims procedure, including the different types of claims and see how to get the best out of a Dispute Adjudication Board

Intended For:

The Course is intended for people

  • Who have little or no experience of the FIDIC Books and who need and/or want to know more
  • Who have some experience and who want to advance their capabilities under the FIDIC Books and want to discuss issues which they have encountered

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Visit the FIDC website at and note the history of the organisation and the range of Books it produces
  • Bring a copy of as many of the FIDIC Contracts referred to above as you can, giving priority to the White and Red Books, which are essential
  • Complete a pre-course questionnaire to say which specific topics you want covered
  • Read any books on the FIDIC Contracts published from 1999 onwards