Maintaining Road Surfaces in Times of Financial Restraint



Approved by IHE

Regular maintenance of the structural integrity, profile, skid resistance and weather proofing of asphaltic surfaced pavements is vital, not only in terms of user safety, comfort and convenience, but significantly that the capital asset is protected through the optimal and timely allocation of resources.

This one day course considers and contrasts the economics of piecemeal reactive repairs versus timely and pro-active intervention  to maintain sound weather proof road surfaces.

The content addresses the natural and man-made causes of deterioration of road surfaces and provides current information and appraisal of maintenance technology for asphaltic surfacing courses, to achieve safe and durable road surfaces, within the discipline of Asset Management..

Aims & Objectives:

To inform & offer guidance on

  • The Statutory Duty of Care imposed on Highway Authorities to maintain safe access and use of all –weather public highways.
  • Asset Management
  • The natural and man-made causes of deterioration of asphaltic (bituminous) surfacings – comprising surfacing and binder layers
  • The range of preventive & curative treatments currently available, including recycling.
  • The strengths & vulnerabilities of bitumen as a binder in asphaltic materials
  • The anticipated effects of Climate Change on Highway Maintenance

On completion of the course, delegates will have:

  • An awareness of the Duty of Care and related maintenance needs of pavement surfaces
  • A comprehensive understanding of the various processes and stages of deterioration of highway pavements and the related maintenance requirements
  • An understanding of the elements and process of Asset Management
  • Knowledge of current processes and material options for repair and preventive maintenance of asphaltic surfaced pavements.
  • An awareness of the currently anticipated effects of Climate Change on highway maintenance

Course Outline:

  • The Statutory Duty of Care for Public Highways
  • Asset Management & Maintenance Objectives & Standards
  • Types & Causes of Pavement Defect
  • Maintenance of Pavement Surfacings:
    • Anti-skid treatments for Safety
    • Sealing of Pavement Surfaces: Surface Dressing & Slurrysealing
    • Sealing and minor regulation of Pavement Surfaces
    • Thin Surfacings & Asphaltic Overlays
    • Bitumen Binders, Asphalt Reinforcement and SAMI's
    • Overview of Recycling options for Asphaltic Surfaces
  • Tutorial & Open Forum: Identification of Defects and Causes and Choosing an appropriate remedy

Mode of Delivery:

  • Initial assessment
  • Tutor Presentation with Visual Aids (DVD, & PowerPoint)
  • Tutorial
  • Open Forum Discussion

Benefits of Attending:

  • An increase and/or update in knowledge of factors affecting maintenance of pavement surfaces
  • A greater awareness of the range of maintenance options currently available

Intended For:

  • Inspectors and Clerk of Works
  • Graduates and Technicians newly involved in road maintenance
  • Experienced staff 'converting' from a role in road construction