Review of the Legal Requirements for Highway Authorities for Maintenance, Drainage, Law & Traffic Management



Approved by IHE

There has been a great deal of recent new legislation/reviews and challenges which have affected the way local authorities and those who work with highway maintenance now have to undertake their work.

This one-day course gives an update on these changes, the regulations and challenges that local authority officers now face.

The course is a full interactive day to help those attending have an overview of new legislation and how it affects them in their day to day work, but also the possible repercussions for the local authority.

The one-day course will assist in councils ensuring their officers are receiving ongoing training with details of latest legislation provided.

Aims & Objectives:

Give officers and staff the understanding of existing and new legislation

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the basis and Foundations of Highway Law
  • Understand the duties and legalities of Highway Maintenance.
  • Be aware of the councils new Obligations for Land Drainage and the Land Drainage Act.
  • Have an understanding of the Local Authority duties under the Floods and Water Management Act 2010
  • Have a basic knowledge of Flood Risk Assessments, Highway Drains and Dykes
  • Understand requirements of the Traffic Management
  • Know the legal requirements of Extinguishment and Diversion of highways under the Highways Act
  • Know the process for TRO consultations, and regulations

Course Outline:

  • Foundations of Highway Law
  • Highway Maintenance, Duties and Legalities
  • Drainage Issues, Land Drainage Act,
  • FRA, Highway Drains and Dykes
  • Traffic Management
  • Extinguishment and Diversion
  • TRO Consultations, Regulations

Mode of Delivery:

The course will be presented though a power point presentation on various topics with interactive discussion throughout. If any delegates have specific topics or areas they wish to discuss, this can be passed to ourselves in advance and can be discussed during the course

Benefits of Attending:

The course will benefit those who are new to highway maintenance its functions and responsibilities, and those with experience in this field of work but require an update/ refresher as there has recently been a high amount of new and updated legislation

Intended For:

The course will benefit all levels working in highway maintenance from Technicians to Senior Engineers

Pre-Course Requirements:

Although not fully necessary some basic knowledge of highway maintenance, drainage and highway law would be advantageous