ICE Chartered and Member Professional Review - Effective Preparation for your Review


This Review Day Preparation course will guide you through all the activities that you will have to undertake prior to, and during, your Professional Review. It will cover the whole process: Application, Submission, the Presentation, the Interview, and the Written Exercise (WE).

Aims & Objectives:

Many delegates may already have made progress in preparing their submissions. This course will help you to assemble the vital evidence to convince your reviewers that you have met the standards for CEng/IEng.

Course Outline:

The course will cover the following topics:


The Professional Review should be treated as a project. We shall consider the ICE standards that you must meet – the Attributes; the timescales for preparing documents and securing the support of your sponsors; the resources that you will need; and the deadlines for your application and submission.

The Professional Review Report

This is the major opportunity for you to demonstrate your professional competence. We shall see how your Initial Professional Development (IPD) achievement has contributed to meeting the ICE Attributes. We shall explore the best structure for the report; the critical information that you should include; and the best balance between text and supporting documentation.

CPD, DAP and records

We shall consider the importance of the CPD cycle. You will share with the other delegates examples of good CPD practice, and discuss how your future CPD plans and aspirations (DAP) can best convince the reviewers of your fitness to be professionally qualified.

The Presentation

We shall consider how best to prepare for the presentation. This should expand on your written report, and set the agenda for the interview. We shall discuss presentational techniques – subject matter, style, language, visual aids, and rehearsal. Delegates will be invited to give short presentations, on which colleagues and the tutor will offer feedback.

We shall discuss how you can prepare for the interview – what to highlight and what to avoid. We shall think about body language – both yours and the reviewers – and your tutor will give examples of the sorts of questions that you may expect on the day.

The Written Exercise

We shall see how you can prepare for the written exercise. You will undertake an exercise which your tutor will assess and return to you in due course.


Finally, delegates will have the opportunity in plenary session to reflect on the day, and discuss the issues that have arisen.

This most comprehensive preparation will significantly enhance your prospects of passing the review.

Mode of Delivery:

You will be expected to make a short trial presentation to fellow delegates, using your own (non-electronic) material and/or a flipchart. You should also come prepared to write a test piece on a topic relating to your own experience, in preparation for the Written Exercise. If you plan to use a laptop on the Review Day, please bring it with you for this course.

Benefits of Attending:

  • “A very good insight into the requirements of the ICE CPR and MPR”.
  • “An increased knowledge of structure and content of my submission”.
  • “A clear knowledge of what to do.“
  • “A valuable response from the tutor on the submitted exercises”.
  • “Provided me with the confidence to write clearly and communicate effectively”
  • “Helpful guidance on preparing and delivering presentations”
  • “The discussion with the other delegates and the tutor was very valuable”.

Intended For:

ICE graduates who are preparing for their CPR/MPR. Whether or not you have a training agreement, this course will be of value to you. If you have already drafted your report, you can always improve it. If you are sitting the CPR/MPR for the second time, your experience will be invaluable to your fellow delegates.

Delegates should be familiar with ICE guidance documents for Professional Reviews and continuing professional development and bring these documents with them. They should also bring their attribute achievement form.

All documents are available in the membership section of the ICE website,