Legislation of Lawful and Unlawful use of Public Highways - An Overview



Approved by IHE

This course is to provide an overview of the various legislation and the interdependency of various legal requirements for the usage of a highway. This would include the duties of a highway authority, including maintenance, improvements and permitting others to use the highway.


Aims & Objectives:

To ensure that the persons attending this course have a clear understanding of various legislation requirements, the powers of highway authority and the officers’ duties.

Course Outline:

  • Protection of public rights – the highway authorities’ duties as highway authority
  • Highways Act 1980 – Sections 184 and 278
  • Highways Act 1980 – Section 4 and 6
  • Obstruction, damage, deposits, danger and materials left on the highway by third parties
  • Building operations and the effect these have on the highway
  • Temporary measures for works in the highway
  • NRSWA Section 50
  • CDM Regulations and the effect of working in the highway
  • Trading the highway
  • Traffic Management Act – Permits
  • Scaffolding and skips in the highway – an overview of their safety
  • Traffic Regulation Orders

Mode of Delivery:

The day will be a very interactive training session. This will include:

  • Discussion
  • Use of Visual Aids
  • Open Workshop
  • Feedback Activity

Benefits of Attending:

  • A greater awareness of the complexities of the Highways Act. The course will assist those working in this field to understand the process and how to advise the public on the highway authorities’ duties.
  • An understanding of the responsibilities of the highway authority and the manner in which the authority is able to control the use of the highway

Intended For:

  • Those new to inspections and maintenance of highway process
  • Those with some knowledge of the process but requiring a great understanding of how various legislation (for those wishing to work or use the highway) is required to work together

Pre-Course Requirements:

Require certain basic knowledge of highway issues.