Advanced Interpersonal Skills (ICE Attribute No.8)


The more time we spend at work the more we need to realise how important our relationships are both with our colleagues and bosses, but also with our clients and suppliers.  This one day programme will build on the knowledge gained from the one day programme on interpersonal skills and will give the delegates an opportunity to reflect on their own relationships and to learn and practise new techniques to enhance their business relationships.

Aims & Objectives:

Aim of the programme:

Delegates will develop their knowledge and skills in building relationships.

By the end of the session delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts on relationships with others
  • Describe how the Human Givens approach to communication can improve working relationships
  • Demonstrate how to manage conflict situations with others to a suitable conclusion.
  • Identify key signals from others than can be matched with the appropriate empathetic response

Course Outline:

  • Welcome, introductions, overview and housekeeping
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    • The theory of EQ and the basic concepts
    • How to develop the key areas of EQ
    • The interaction between others using the key facets of EQ
  • The Human Givens approach communication
    • Human Givens – what are they and how do we manage them
    • The impact of Human Givens on our relationships with others
    • How will this help improve our relationships in business
  • Managing difficult relationships
    • Understanding why the relationship is not working
    • Appreciating how conflict might arise using Kilmann’s model
    • The use of empathy and positive signals to re-build the relationship
  • Action planning

Mode of Delivery:

The programme will involve

  • Group & individual exercises
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Facilitator input


Intended For: