Advanced Road Safety Audit

In the UK, RSA is mandatory for trunk road and motorways schemes and commended for all other roads.   Unlike highway engineering, traffic engineering and transport planning, where there are standards and guidelines for considering options and then carrying out the design and works, the RSA standard requires evidence of the training, relevant experience and competence of the person themselves.   As part of this, Road Safety Auditors always need to be ready to provide evidence of a minimum of 2 days CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in the field of RSA, collision data analysis or road safety engineering in the previous 12 month period. 


Highway and traffic design and construction activities are a professional indemnity and public liability risk to the clients, consultancies, councils, contractors and even the individuals involved. People suitably-trained in road safety audit and road safety engineering can spot design mistakes and potential problems and thus help to minimise the reputational and financial risk to organisations arising from when things go wrong on highways, traffic, public realm and development schemes.

Aims & Objectives:

Learning outcomes:

  • Knowledge of the requirements and procedures of Road Safety Audit
  • Increased awareness of how to avoid ‘road safety’ mistakes in design.
  • Knowledge, skill and understanding of most aspects of Road Safety Audit


Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities within Road Safety Audit.
  • Describe the legal implications.
  • Reference a detailed and specific understanding of Road Safety Audit of some schemes that are more challenging.

Course Outline:

Road Safety Audit procedures and the pitfalls

Design Standards and Road Safety Audit

Legal considerations

Consistency in audit problem identification and recommendation

Cases Studies including common problems and mistakes in designs

  • Development schemes
  • Complicated junctions
  • Shared-space
  • Smart motorways
  • Light rail and interfaces with Network Rail
  • Temporary traffic management

Road Safety Audit – report writing

Road Safety Audit – follow-up

Mode of Delivery:

Initial Assessment – ask group what they know already and what they want to find out

Short lectures

Individual or Group Exercises (Case studies / examples)


Benefits of Attending:

Re-energised for carrying out our technical work.

Knowledge, skills, experience necessary for Advanced Road Safety Audit.

Alerted to the legal implications.

Intended For:

Anyone who would like a more advanced level of experience and knowledge in Road Safety Audit.

Targeted at people wishing to become an approved road safety auditor or retain this competency.

Existing Road Safety Auditors who can increase their knowledge and acquire 1 day’s approved CPD.

People who are post-graduate or people in employment having gained some highway, traffic or road safety-related qualification and / or experience.

Discipline: Highways or Traffic or Transport Planning or Road Safety or Traffic Police.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Any pre-course reading? – Not needed.

Complete a pre-course questionnaire? – Not needed.

Bring copies of any manuals, codes or other published literature? – Not needed.

Require certain knowledge?       Yes, highways, traffic and some road safety auditing

Already have attended a particular course? – Not needed.

…but will need experience of working in highways, traffic and road safety audit