On Street Parking Scheme Design - Essential Knowledge for Transport Professionals

Our On Street Parking Scheme Design - Essential Knowledge for Transport Professionals course outlines the best practice in sustainable, transparent and safe parking scheme design.


Through evaluation of industry guidance and case studies, along with practical workshop exercises, this course will appraise what might constitute . Furthermore it will examine the underlying issues with consideration as to how typical challenges might best be met.


Aims & Objectives:

At the end of the course delegates will have:

  • An understanding of the policy background of parking control
  • An understanding of the key aspects and historical perspective of balancing supply and demand, hence the requirement for effective parking management
  • An understanding of the range of parking control methods typically applied by UK authorities
  • A firm understanding of how to practically apply parking scheme design principals

Course Outline:

This course focuses on providing attendees with a clear understanding of how to develop evidence based solutions for parking issues whilst avoiding common mistakes. Parking management and provision is a key concern to industry professionals and the general public alike. Balancing the apparent need for parking facilities with the often conflicting demand for kerbside space is a complex issue which typically goes beyond applying strict technical rationale. There are also social, political and economic aspects to be considered

Intended For:

The course will be of interest to Transport Planners, Highway and Traffic Engineers / Technicians and Parking Enforcement staff.