Written Communications and Reports


The course is designed to make delegates aware of a variety of proven techniques which will assist them in developing their written communication and report writing skills.

The course will concentrate on the basic elements necessary to achieve effective written communication. In addition the needs of the individual readers and groups of readers of different types will be discussed and key criteria identified.

Throughout the course participation of delegates will be encouraged by the use of short exercises. Participation will include each delegate writing an initial 100-word account and at the end of the course writing a longer report on a subject of their own choice within a specified time limit which will be reviewed confidentially by the tutor.

Aims & Objectives:

To understand the basic elements of written communication and be aware of techniques for improving report writing skills.

Course Outline:

  • Communication skills
  • Written communication
    • Reports
    • Proposals
  • Planning to write
  • Supporting documents
  • Layout and additions
  • Content and style
  • Common faults
  • Recommended reading

Intended For:

Graduates in their early years of employment.