Managing Time, Managing Meetings & Improving Personal Effectiveness


When we as individuals understand what is important to us, we then will spend the time that we have wisely. This will mean that we are more effective at work to give us more time to do what we want to do with our lives and therefore make us more effective.

The cost to any business of ineffective people will without doubt, affect bottom line profitability. There is no magic answer and the programme does not provide ny fancy tools to use, but what it does do is challenge where delegates are now and where they want to be. It will draw from a number of different areas of work done in improving people productivity and behaviour to understand how to increase our effectiveness both in meetings, at work and in life.

Aims & Objectives:

  • Delegates will understand how to be assertive
  • Delegates will understand how to structure an effective meeting
  • Delegates will be in control of their time
  • To understand why managing time is critical to success both personally and at work
  • To know how to be more assertive and thus more effective in interactions with others
  • To understand and manage different behaviours
  • To be able to explain the different roles, responsibilities and mechanics that are necessary for a successful meeting

Course Outline:

Course Outline:

  • Welcome, Introductions and Overview
  • Effective Events Control
  • How your behaviour impacts on you managing your time
  • How to be more assertive and say no
  • Structure of effective meetings
  • Roles & responsibilities of attendees of a meeting

The programme will involve:

  • Group and individual exercises
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Facilitator input

Intended For:

Anyone who wants to be more effective and assertive in managing their time.