Total Station/EDM Stage 1 (Introduction to use of Total Station/EDM) (2 days)(Introduction to use of Total Station/EDM)


The course is designed for site managers, trainee engineers, site engineers and those who are involved in setting out and establishing survey control for construction and building work. The course is suitable for staff with some theodolite knowledge, but little or no total station/EDM experience.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:-

  • Set up and use Total Station/EDM equipment for establishing control, detail surveying, setting out and coordinate checks.
  • Extract and relate coordinate information from drawings.
  • Record angle and distance observations in the field.
  • Calculate rectangular coordinate information from field observations.
  • Calculate polar coordinate setting out information from drawings.
  • Maintain clear records of calculations.
  • Check for sources of errors with the Total Station/EDM equipment and accessories.