Environmental Policy, Performance and Reporting

Aims & Objectives:

  • Familiarise delegates with the concept of environmental management and the standards used to practice it
  • To introduce delegates to the concepts and practice of how to set environmental objectives, and how to develop and put in practice a policy to implement, measure, evaluate, and report the performance of these objectives
  • Be aware of the concept of environmental management and the standards (EMAS and ISO 14001) used to specify and implement environmental management systems
  • Become aware of the reasons why organisations should have environmental objectives and policy
  • Understand how to formulate, write and review environmental policy
  • Learn how to measure, evaluate and report environmental performance

Course Outline:

  • Environmental management
  • Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - EMAS, REMAS, and ISO14000 series
  • Environmental objectives and how to set them
  • Implementing environmental objectives - Environmental policy
  • Critic of sample environmental policies
  • Environmental performance: How to measure, evaluate and act on results, report (stakeholders, good practice, tangible benefits, corrective action) and communicate it. Flood Estimation Handbook

Intended For:

This course is intended for participants whose work involves environmental management