Managing the Design Process


This one-day course explores the complex nature of design through a mixture of presentation, discussion and interactive working in which the participants draw on and utilize what they already know and can apply to managing the design process, as well as considering some alternative approaches. This course will enable the participants to compare their own practices with others involved in the process of designing structures and buildings and encourages a pragmatic approach to managing the design process.

Aims & Objectives:

Delegates will gain a clearer understanding of the problems encountered in managing the design process and the important aspects to consider. They should return to the work place more determined to apply the company's prescribed practices, or understand how they can be change - if they do not work and be able to create new ones if appropriate.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Summarise the key elements of a successful approach to design management
  • Appreciate that understanding of project process is key to managing any product development
  • Understand how design interfaces with other project activity
  • Understand that value and risk can be two sides of the same coin
  • Explain how (can) value and risk can be managed
  • Understand the value of rigorous planning of design activity through a short process mapping exercise
  • Apply strategies in planning design activity
  • Identify the methods that should be employ in the development and control of design
  • Be able to systematically explore what practices exist in their own organizations
  • Have considered whether they use all of their documented company procedures
  • Suggest ways to ensure that appropriate practices in the execution of design management are developed.

Course Outline:

The course consists of 6 modules, interspersed with short group and individual activities and discussion.

  • Overview of the Management of Design
  • Project Process
  • Understanding and Developing Value
  • Planning Design
  • Design Development and Control
  • A Framework for Design Management

This very full 6 hours always proves to be interesting, enjoyable and interactive. It covers an extensive array of issues and should leave the participants full of ideas. The day will be a mixture of:

  • Tutor Presentation
  • Individual or Group Exercises
  • Discussion
  • Feedback Activity
  • "The course was excellent, very interactive"
  • "My Company definitely made a good investment sending me on the course"
  • "Hopefully it will reflect positively on my company profits".

Intended For:

Project Managers, Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Contractors and Clients

An appreciation of the design process.