Managing Change


This powerful course is based on the tutor's more than 15 years' experience of leading and managing change at various national and international companies. The course presents a personal insight into the management and leadership actions that have led to successful change at all levels of organisations.

This course helps delegates to understand their own and others' reactions to change, and alter their perception of change from a threat to an opportunity.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the need for continuous change and how it effects the performance of the organisation
  • Determine their own and their team's reactions to change and how to manage these reactions to achieve success
  • Appreciate the role of leaders in driving change, being aware of their own personal contribution to change
  • Develop strategies for reducing resistance and building support to change
  • Deploy appropriate management and leadership skills to take people through change
  • Communicate effectively before, during and after organisational change

This course is designed to equip managers to seize opportunities and to handle staff reactions to change. Topics covered include leading in the face of ambiguity and continuous change, engaging, supporting and empowering others to deliver successful change and understanding our personal responses to change and how they impact on others.

Course Outline:

Managing Change

  • Analysing and dealing with the barriers or resistance to change
  • Assessing ways to make change acceptable

Planning for Change

  • Communicating the need for change

Implementing Change

  • Impact of change on:
    • the organisation
    • the individual
  • The change process and key management skills for implementing it
  • Identifying and categorising individual and organisational reactions to change
  • Dealing with resistance and building support
  • Leadership during change
  • Communicating change effectively

This highly interactive programme is delivered using a mixture of tutor input, group discussions and activities. Delegates will use a number of well established models of organisational change to help understand how change happens in their organisation and how they as leaders can impact on this change.

Participants will have a greatly increased understanding of how individuals react to change. They will leave with a powerful tool kit of actions they can take during various stages of change.

Intended For:

This course is a great introduction to managing change for managers who need to increase their understanding of how change happens and how to gain support for planned change. It is ideal for managers who need to lead people through a period of organisational change.

A small amount of pre-reading is required and provided.