Expert Witness Training


Being an expert is not always plain sailing. You may have oodles of experience in your discipline but know little of the ways of lawyers. Courts remain adversarial with their own rules. Opposing lawyers seek to undermine the opposing expert, using all the tricks in their repertoire. This means that interactive courses are essential CPD for established and 'would-be' experts.

Course Outline:

  • Why do we have experts?
  • What is an expert?
  • Do you need qualifications?
  • Is it your discipline?
  • Dangers of becoming a professional expert
  • The duties of an expert
  • The Court process - criminal (in outline) and civil (CPR Part 35)
  • Does arbitration differ?
  • Preparing your Report - the importance of grammar, choice of language, etc.
  • Understanding the instructing client - where is the 'hidden' agenda
  • Tips about giving evidence
  • Interactive exercises