ICE Technical Report Route (TRR)


The TRR is an all embracing - route to Professional Qualification with the Institution of Civil Engineers and registration with The Engineering Council as a Professional Engineer.

It was devised in 2004 by ICE to replace the Mature Candidate route.

It is a major addition to the qualification process of ICE and provides an opportunity for engineers, not having accredited academic qualifications to enable them to pursue a route, to EngTech, TMICE, IEng, MICE, CEng, MICE by virtue of their experience in the work place to demonstrate academic equivalence.

The essential requirement of this route is for candidates to demonstrate that, by experience in the work place, they have achieved an understanding, appreciation and application of engineering principles at the appropriate qualification level.

Aims & Objectives:

This course will cover the pre-interview aspects of the preparation for the Technical Report Review and will examine the academic qualifications and experience profiles of participants in order that advice can be given on an individual basis.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to determine whether they are well placed to proceed with an application for the TRR or whether they require additional experience or academic qualification.

Delegates will:

  • Be in possession of the necessary knowledge to develop a submission for the Review.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of the relevant ICE documents “Professional Review Guidance” and “Technical Report Route Guidance” which outline the personal attributes required and the procedures to be followed.

Course Outline:

The tutor will provide:

  • An in depth study of the process involved in the TRR with constant reference to the ICE documents and an understanding of what is meant by engineering principles
  • An understanding of the Academic benchmarks to be matched
  • An appreciation of what is meant by Academic equivalence
  • Information about the appointment of a Mentor and the importance attached to this appointment
  • Information about the submission stages of the process and the vital part the synopsis of the Technical Report plays.
  • Information about the interview stages and the documentation required for each
  • Information about how to prepare the Technical and Experience Reports
  • Information about the conduct of the Technical Report interview
  • Information about the conduct of the Professional interview
  • Information about the preparation of the Development Action Plan and Continuing Professional Development record

In addition, the tutor will consider individual cases and provide detailed advice based upon academic profiles and CVs provided.

The tutors will require individuals, during the course of the day, to make short presentations of their experience or other aspects of their work in order that, collectively, levels of experience and understanding of engineering principles can be explored.

Mode of Delivery:

The day will be conducted on an informal basis with a considerable amount of delegate participation.

It is expected that delegates will be able to ask questions at will in order that all of the participants will benefit.

A series of slides based upon the ICE guidance documents will provide the core for giving advice and information and at the same time provoking questions or comments from the delegates.

Delegates will be expected to participate fully during the day by undertaking written contributions and making presentations, both of which activities form essential parts of the Route.

Benefits of Attending:

  • The difference between this and the standard routes
  • The various components of the route
  • The stages to the process,
  • The importance of conforming with the advice given in the ICE documentation
  • The important role the Mentor plays
  • The importance attached to producing an effective synopsis of the Technical Report
  • The importance of providing evidence of the understanding and application of engineering principles

Intended For:

The course is intended for highly motivated engineers who do not have formally accredited academic qualifications but have excellent experience in the work place such that it can be interpreted as compensating for the lack of formal qualifications.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Prior to attending the course delegates should – where possible:-

  • Familiarise themselves with relevant ICE documents which can be found on the ICE web site –
  • Produce a detailed CV which can be discussed during the day
  • Have given some thought to what can be used as the subject of a Technical Report and how a synopsis could be produced
  • Have practiced presentational skills so that they can present CVs, etc. to the other delegates
  • Ascertain current academic and professional qualifications
  • Have decided upon someone who can act as Mentor