Developing Creativity


The developing creativity course is specifically designed to teach participants how to access and utilise their own innate creativity. Over the day, different methods and techniques for tapping into creativity form a practical toolkit for use in everyday business and problem solving.

Aims & Objectives:

1 To experience first-hand a range of powerful techniques for accessing creativity

  • Creative brainstorming
  • Mandala drawing (dominant and non-dominant hands)
  • Visualisation / imagery methods
  • Creative reflection techniques

2 To understand the physiology behind creativity and the limitations of the conventional 'thinking mind' as we know it

  • Conventional thought patterns: thinking within the box
  • Accessing the field of unlimited creativity beyond thought
  • The physiology of thinking and the imagination

3 To form a personal creativity toolkit of methods and techniques for accessing creativity

  • Testing and evaluating different methods of accessing creativity
  • Assessing which methods may be best in different situations
  • Drawing up a list of techniques into a personalised creativity toolkit

4 To have practised using at least one method of accessing creativity within a real business or problem solving situation

  • Group exercise:

    o Decide on a problem or situation that needs exploring creatively
    o Use a technique of accessing creativity
    o Evaluate