NEC3: Professional Services Contract


This practical, one day course on the Professional Services Contract (PSC) uses examples from real projects to illustrate its use. The structure of the contract is described together with the roles of the Parties and other participants. Delegate participation is encouraged and the taught syllabus is reinforced through a series of group exercises.

The course is flexible. The syllabus can be adapted to suit your own requirements, or to address current concerns based around existing or forthcoming contracts.

Aims & Objectives:

Delegates will gain a working understanding of:-

  • The principles of the NEC3 suite of contracts
  • The use of the Professional Services Contract
  • The structure of a PSC contract and which options to use
  • The roles and obligations of the parties and others
  • Programming
  • Early warnings
  • Administering PSC contracts
  • How change is accommodated by the contract.
  • Payments

Course Outline:

Module 1 - Course Objectives

Module 2 - Introduction to the NEC family of documents

Module 3 - Introduction to the PSC

Module 4 - General Provisions

Module 5 - The Parties’ main responsibilities

Module 6 - Time and programme

Module 7 - Quality

Module 8 - Payment

Module 9 - Compensation events

Module 10 - Rights to material

Module 11 - Indemnity, insurance and liability

Module 12 - Termination

Mode of Delivery:

Group exercises, using examples from real project situations, will be undertaken to reinforce the learning objectives

Intended For:

This course will benefit new users of NEC3 contracts and those with experience of the NEC3 documents seeking to reinforce their experience

Pre-Course Requirements:

Delegates will benefit by familiarising themselves with the Professional Services Contract prior to the course. All delegates will benefit from having access to their own copies of the PSC at the course, although we will provide loan copies if necessary.