NEC3 : Term Service Contract

Aims & Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Decide when to use the Term Service Contract
  • Prepare the documents for a contract using the TSC
  • Apply the TSC in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems
  • Understand the responsibilities of the Employer, Service Manager and Contractor in managing the contract
  • Know how to instruct tasks and deal with compensation events

Course Outline:

Session 1 When should it be used?

Session 2 Nature of the contract and principles.

Session 3 Core clauses and the main options. The Price List.

Session 4 Contractor's main responsibilities.

Session 5 Time, Testing and Defects.

Session 6 Payment and compensation events.

Session 7 Use of equipment, Plant and Materials.

Session 8 Risks and insurance.

Session 9 Termination and Disputes.

Session 10 Preparation of the tender documents.