Soils, Trenching, Excavations and Piling


A 1 day practical course covering a wide variety of site geotechnical issues.

Aims & Objectives:

  • To raise awareness of practical geotechnical issues on site.
  • To help prevent accidents and provide practical, safe and economic solutions to typical site problems.
  • To allow delegates to coordinate and supervise common site geotechnical activities.

Course Outline:

  • Gathering and interpreting soils information.
  • Good trenching practice.
  • Sheet piling, cofferdams and framing to excavations.
  • Undermining and underpinning.
  • Basement construction.
  • Driven and bored piling and other ground improvement techniques.
  • Writing design briefs, risk assessment, method statements and checking proposals.
  • Site supervision, inspection and legal responsibilities.
  • Use of basic design principles and design charts.
  • Testing and quality control.
  • Case studies of accidents and failures.
  • Sources of help and information.

Intended For:

  • Site engineers and temporary works coordinators.
  • Experienced site managers and site agents.
  • Experienced support staff responsible for planning or pricing geotechnical works.
  • Experienced site safety advisors.
  • Junior geotechnical engineers.