Oral Communication - Key Skills to Get Your Message Across


Most people are not born communicators. However, the ability to communicate with individuals and groups, both large and small, forms an increasingly significant aspect of conducting business and of everyday life. This programme will give delegates an opportunity to learn and practise key verbal and visual communication skills.

Learning outcomes:

  • Delegates will understand how to improve their verbal communication skills
  • Delegates will understand the structure that a presentation should take

Aims & Objectives:

  • To understand and use different communication skills to ensure that any message is effectively communicated to the respondent
  • To be able to provide a rich and varied voice that projects to the audience and gives substance to the subject
  • To understand how the presenter's own body language, speech and habits can affect the communication process
  • To know the basics of a presentation and how to use different visual aids

Course Outline:

  • Welcome, Introduction and Overview
  • The principles of communication
  • Verbal and non verbal skills
  • Listening skills
  • Presentations: the good and the bad
  • Use of visual aids to support communication

The course will involve

  • Group and individual exercises and presentations
  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Facilitator input

Intended For:

Anyone who will have to present to an audience in the future

Delegates should bring two pieces of prose or poetry that they are very familiar with which when read out lasts for at least two minutes. It is key that the delegate is very familiat with these items.