Developing Effective Report Writing Skills

Aims & Objectives:

Managers, supervisors and employees are asked to write various reports including project reports, staff reports, evaluation and feasibility reports. These different reports ask the writer to demonstrate various skills including organisation of data and information, and expression for a variety of audiences. This programme is designed to enable participants to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively and is tailored to the specific style required by the organisation concerned.

Course Outline:

1. Preparation for report writing: Terms of reference; collecting data and information; knowing the audience.

2. Planning the report: The structure of different types of report; layout and design; grouping and information sequencing; appendices and illustrations.

3. Writing the report: Use of language and style; accuracy; brevity and clarity; grammatical issues; tabular and graphical presentation.

4. Checking the report: Proof reading, editing and revising.

5. Issuing the report: Production - by whom and what medium; distribution; verbal and printed presentation of reports

By the end of this programme participants will:

1. Increase self-confidence in constructing and writing reports.

2. Use a systematic approach to report writing.

3. Ensure professional production of a report.

Intended For:

Professional individuals employed in all areas of the construction industry who are required to write a variety of business reports and possibly produce academic reports as part of their continued professional development.

This is a participative and interactive workshop and provides the opportunity to explore concerns in a supportive environment. Participants will be able to acquire skills and techniques by using individual and group exercises. In order to draw out the learning points, typical learning mechanisms may include preparation work, group exercises, writing and critiquing exercises.