Design and Construction of Minipiles

Aims & Objectives:

To provide a good understanding of Minipiling in the UK & Ireland, including the design processes, plant details and construction issues.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction & history of minipiling
  • Site investigation information & what to look for + exercise
  • Geotechnical design of minipiles + exercise
  • Structural design of minipiles including force transfer mechanism at pile head + exercise
  • Specifications and design standards in the UK & Europe
  • Drilling systems and plant issues
  • Grouting & concreting processes & associated plant + exercise
  • Construction of minipiles including case history c.d. videos + exercise
  • Testing of minipiles
  • Commercial & contractual issues
  • Summary and conclusions


Intended For:

Anyone involved in construction who wishes to learn more about Minipiling in the UK & Ireland.