Office Waste Management


The course describes why it is necessary to deal with waste properly and explains what the true cost of waste includes. It considers the various types of waste and sets out the waste hierarchy, which is central to any activity for dealing with waste. The course moves on to considering ways in which waste can be reduced, re-used, recycled, or recovered and how to manage what waste remains.

Aims & Objectives:

The aims of the course are to provide an introduction to waste management and to provide the knowledge, skills and understanding to improve the management of waste in the office environment.

Learning Outcomes: Delegates will be able to explain the steps and suitable actions to reduce their organisation’s burden to landfill.

Course Outline:

  • What are the true costs of waste?
  • Legal implications
  • Waste mapping - energy, water, general and hazardous waste
  • Waste hierarchy - reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery
  • Records and control
  • Improvement monitoring and measurement


Mode of Delivery:

An interactive training course including:
  • Visual Aids including model case studies and samples
  • Discussion
  • Feedback Activity
  • Benefits of Attending:

    This course gave me the ability to accurately monitor my organisation’s burden to landfill and identify a series of improvement actions to reduce cost and satisfy the environmental auditor.

    Intended For:

    Managers and employees who have responsibilities for dealing with waste in an office environment.

    Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Complete a pre-course questionnaire
  • Have a basic understanding of their organisation’s waste stream