European Asphalt Standards & their Implementation in UK & Specifically within the Specification for Highway Works



Endorsed by CIHT for CPD                                                                                                                                                   Approved by IHE

On the 1st January 2008 the UK national asphalt Standards were superseded by the new European Asphalt Standards. In parallel with these changes, a new National (British) Standard covering the laying and compaction of asphalt was also published which includes mixtures not previously included by the British Standards. At the same time the Highways Agency introduced important additional requirements for asphalt laying and compaction to improve durability and extend pavement life. Although the asphalt mixtures themselves have not changed, the product descriptions and the production and supply methodology differ from those previously applied. It is therefore essential that all those involved in asphalt pavement design, contract specifications, production, laying and testing have a full understanding of these important changes and how they are likely to effect their particular working environment.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Have a good understanding of the contents and principles of the new European Standards for asphalts, in particular those stated in the UK National Guidance Document PD 6691.
  • Describe asphalts in accordance with the new BS EN 13108 and PD 6691 designations.
  • Define an asphalt specification using the guidance contained within PD 6691.
  • Understand the new concept and benefits of Asphalt Type Testing, Factory Production Control and CE marking and their relationship to the contract.
  • Identify which tests are covered by the new Standards, their applicability in the UK and understand the implications of any changes in the test methods.
  • Understand and apply the requirements of the new national standard BS 594987, latest edition published in December 2010 covering the transportation, laying and compaction of asphalts.
  • Appreciate the implications of the additional and more onerous requirements applicable to asphalt laying and compaction introduced by the Highways Agency in January 2008.

Course Outline:

Session 1 The Mixture Standards

An overview of the range and the role of the new asphalt Standards. Consideration of the BS EN 13108 family of mixture Standards and their methodology of defining mixture composition/performance and in particular those mixtures used within the UK as covered within PD 6691.

Session 2 Type Testing and Factory Production Control

The functionality of BS EN 13108 Parts 20 (Type Testing), 21 (Factory Production Control), CE marking, the protocol Annexes in BS 594987 of BS EN 13108 and the applicability of these requirements to the specifiers, producers, customers and clients. Changes to be introduced through the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in 2013.

Session 3 The Testing Standards

The relevancy and applicability of the BS EN 12697 family of Standards, test methods for hot-mix asphalts, and their contents and application and PD 6692.

Session 4 The Transportation, Laying and Compaction Asphalt Standard

The key elements of this very important document, BS 594987 and the additional more
onerous requirements of clause 903 of the Specification for Highway Works.


Session 5 MCDHW Specification 900 Series and NG 900

A look at how the new Standards are addressed in the 900 and NG 900 Series Aug 08 amd of the Specification for Highway Works. (Aug 08 amd replaced IAN 101/07 Amd 1 Feb 08)

Session 6 IAN 102/07 - The MCDHW introduction of BS EN Standards for bituminous mixtures

The effect of the new Standards on contracts and site supervision.

Session 7 Review and Discussion.


Intended For:

This course is suitable for staff employed by asphalt suppliers, consultants, local authorities, contractors, subcontractors or clients whose activities may involve the specification, supervision, production or laying of asphalts in the UK.


All delegates need to bring the following documents to the course:

A Mandatory

  • PD 6691:2007
  • BS 594987:2007

B Optional

  • BS EN 13108-1:2006
  • BS EN 13108-4:2006
  • BS EN 13108-5:2006
  • BS EN 13108-20:2006
  • BS EN 13108-21:2006
  • PD 6692:2006