Measurement of Highway Works - Earthworks



Endorsed by CIHT for CPD                                                                                                                                                   Approved by IHE

Measurement of earthworks in civil engineering always appears to be seen as something of a "black art." This course addresses matters regarding the classification and measurement of earthworks materials under the Highways Method of Measurement.

Aims & Objectives:

To provide course delegates with an understanding of the mechanics of earthworks classification and measurement using the Method of Measurement for Highway Works (MMHW).

Course Outline:

The course is structured into the following four elements:

1) Classification

  • Why classify the materials?
  • Who classifies the material?
  • Rules for the classification of material

2) Measurement

  • Weighting of levels
  • Bulking of materials
  • Hard excavation

3) Method of Measurement for Highway Works

  • The Earthworks Outline
  • Itemisation
  • Interface with Site Clearance and Demolition
  • Relationship between excavation, deposition and importation of materials
  • Processing of materials

4) Other Matters

  • Settlement of Embankments
  • The Earthworks Table
  • Mass Haul Diagrams
  • Record keeping

The training session is run on an interactive basis and incorporates a number of group exercises in addition to elements of PowerPoint presentation.

After completing the course, delegates should have an understanding of the practical application of the principles of classification and measurement of earthworks under the MMHW and have the ability to put their learning into everyday use.

Intended For:

The course is aimed at Engineers and Surveyors at Assistant level as well as those who have an involvement in earthworks measurement and classification.


Pre-Course Requirements: