Partnering and Mentoring for Engineers


Many employers' offices are becoming increasingly involved with Partnering, Framework Agreements and other multi-disciplinary activities. This relationship brings new challenges to those involved. This course will explore best practice in developing effective communications and fostering personal relationships.

Aims & Objectives:

To explore best practice of and to establish the fundamental mentoring in a civil engineering context. This will cover "own account" in-house needs, working with partners, and implications of the way we work for the wider engineering fraternity and the community beyond.

On completion of this course, delegates will have a clearer understanding of the key elements of collaborative working.

Course Outline:

  • An obvious essential is a clear understanding of the needs of each "client"
  • Why mentor?
  • What is mentoring?
  • Capacity issues?
  • How to mentor effectively?
  • Mentoring styles
  • What is deliverable - what outcomes are desirable?
  • How do we measure it? Are we getting what we think we are?
  • How to evaluate outcomes?
  • "Virtuous circle" of awareness raising, sensitivity, good communications and continuous improvement?
  • Time, Resources and Costs/budgets implications?
  • What constitutes a Successful Outcome for the Organisation?
  • Post-Project Appraisal

Tutor presentation interspersed - as appropriate with group and individual exercises, and exemplars.


Intended For:

  • All Members of the Civil Engineering Team, particularly those working in Partnership or Framework circumstances.
  • Those in Public Authorities responsible for multi-clients and the wider community beyond
  • Those needing mentoring knowledge and appreciation