Effective Interviewing Skills for Management


Making an employment appointment can be tricky, and this is especially true in turbulent times. How can you be sure that you are selecting the right person for the job? Using selection interview knowledge, skills and techniques enhances the likelihood of better selection decision-making. This workshop provides a working knowledge of these skills and techniques within two structured interview frameworks.

Aims & Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the key principles, be able to apply a structure and use techniques for successful "competency-based" and "situational selection" interviewing
  • Devise appropriate questions within these structured frameworks to enable the interviewer to made good selection decisions
  • Identify the behaviours that need to be adopted for successful interviews to ensure good decision-making
  • Practise sound interviewing techniques and behaviours to gather accurate information, interpret information and make decisions in a supportive environment.
  • Explain the key principles of selection interviewing
  • Employ structured frameworks to manage a selection interview
  • Write appropriate selection interviews questions to enable good decision-making
  • Demonstrate 'good' personal interviewing behaviours
  • Identify 'bad' personal interviewing behaviours
  • Apply and practise selection-interviewing skills in practical competency-based and situational selection interview situations

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to competency-based and situational selection interviewing
  • Types of selection interviews
    • Competency-based selection interviews
    • Situational selection interviews
  • Personal interviewing skills
    • Questioning skills
    • Active listening skills
    • Verbal and non-verbal cues and clues
    • Managing the interview flow
  • Decision-making techniques
    • Using an interview proforma
  • Practising selection interviewing skills

This workshop is highly practical and participative, drawing on examples from participants' own experiences as well as those from other organisations. Each delegate will have the opportunity to practise skills in role-play interviews, and will learn from observing other interviews. Where possible, interviews will be recorded to support group discussion and constructive feedback. Each delegate will receive a workbook of materials that can be drawn on in the future.

This workshop will provide delegates with practical skills and knowledge that can be utilised immediately upon completion of the workshop.

Intended For:

The workshop will benefit all those who are, or in the future will be, required to interview potential and current employees as part of their management responsibilities. There are two intended delegate groups who will benefit from this one-day workshop: those who have had little or no previous formal training; and more experienced interviewers for whom the practical work provides the opportunity to develop new approaches in a supportive environment.