A briefing on the family of contracts and all significant changes from NEC3.

The NEC family of contracts is used for a wide range of projects including civil engineering, process engineering and buildings.

This course provides a background to the NEC family and examines in detail the Engineering & Construction Contract, particularly the payment and compensation event provisions.  The course also introduces the Professional Services Contract and other contracts within the NEC family.

We offer NEC 4 throughout the country in our regional training centres, as an Open Course , we also offer it as an In-House course.

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 NEC 4 Birmingham - Heathrow - Cardiff - Belfast - Bristol 


Session 1               Introduction to NEC4 family of contracts

Session 2              Roles under the ECC

Session 3               The NEC system and contract strategy – the options

Session 4               Contract documentation

Session 5              Communications

Session 6               General Provisions and Contractor’s Main Responsibilities

Session 7               Time and the Programme

Session 8               Testing and Defects

Session 9               Payment and Schedule of Cost Components

Session 10            Compensation Events