Leading Diversity

This highly interactive and participatory workshop will assist you understand issues of equality and diversity and how they apply to your organisation and can be harnessed for greater organisational effectiveness.

Also available as an online training course.

Please note the online version of this training course will be split into modules.



The purpose of this practical training is to enable participants to see how, individually and collectively, they can make a contribution to improving diversity practice within their organisation.

Aims & Objectives:


The course will enable participants to:

  • Understand what equality and diversity mean in practice
  • Understand how diversity operates in organisations
  • Understand what their responsibilities are and how they can contribute to improved equality and diversity practice in the organisation
  • Reflect on how stereotyping works
  • Understand how and when to challenge

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Take into account issues of diversity in their work
  • Work better with colleagues and clients
  • Be better equipped to challenge inappropriate behaviour and language
  • Begin to recognise and overcome their own barriers to managing and thinking inclusively

Course Outline:

  1. Hopes concerns questions
  2. The Diversity quiz: Diversity in organisations.
  3. Equality and Diversity practice
  4. Stereotyping
  5. Case studies
  6. Challenging
  7. Action planning

Mode of Delivery:

  • Interactive Discussion in small groups and whole group
  • Case studies
  • DVD
  • Tutor input

Benefits of Attending:

  • Become more aware of diversity issues
  • Pragmatic strategies for dealing with them
  • Be more aware of own attitudes and beliefs
  • Improve ability to act within legislation
  • Improve team working
  • Better retention of staff
  • Using diverse resources to improve organisational effectiveness

Comments from previous participants

  • “The best equality and diversity course I have ever been on – and I have been on quite a few!”
  • “Fab day discussing equality and diversity. Thought-provoking and inspiring end to the week”
  • “The training was delivered in a very relaxed and friendly way, creating a safe environment in which to learn”
  • “Thank you for opening my eyes to the complexity of this issue”
  • “Has raised my awareness of diversity issues and gave me good practical measures to put into practice”
  • “An enjoyable and informative day with good discussions which were well facilitated”
  • “Very informative and easy to relate to everyday life”
  • “The course has opened my eyes to people’s different backgrounds... will definitely be more aware”

Intended For:

People at any level in organisations. A slightly different course is available for most senior leaders

Pre-Course Requirements:


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