Highway Law in Development Management - Introduction

Our Highway Law in Development Management course is aimed at those either new to the development management and planning process or those who need an update on various agreements and processes that permit developers to work with the highway authority i.e Highways Act 1980.

Endorsed by CIHT for CPD - Approved Training Provider

IHE approved CPD - IHE Approved Highway Engineering Academy Training


The Highway Engineer’s role in the planning and design process has become highly complex over the last few years with numerous documents and design criteria becoming available; however the main basis for legal documents is the Highways Act 1980

The course will give a general understanding of the agreements, how these are used and the legal framework of why these are used.

Note: As consultants can work anywhere in the Country, the course will cover the relevant variation in Legislation in the part of the country (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) where the course is being held.

Aims & Objectives:

The Engineer should have a greater knowledge of the design and planning process, and how various agreements achieve very specific outcomes.

On completion of this course the delegates will:

  • Understand the implications of Section 37’s
  • Understand S38 Agreements, their use and process
  • Have an understanding of legal requirements and case Law
  • Have improved knowledge of Section 278 Agreements in line with planning permissions
  • Understand Best Practice of section 38 and 278 Agreements
  • Know when to use a section 38 or 278 Agreement
  • Understand the reasoning of fees and Bonds
  • Understand APC Process and building control/ Section 106 Agreements
  • Understand Adoption and Maintenance

Mode of Delivery:

This will be a mixture of

  • Initial Presentation
  • Interactive Exercises and Discussions
  • Open workshops
  • Question and Answer Sessions
  • Practical considerations of monitoring of work in progress

Intended For:

Technicians, Engineers and anyone else involved in the development management process.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Delegates are advised to bring:

  • a copy of Section 38 and 278 issues
  • a copy of a scheme they are working on
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