JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract (1 day)


In 2011, JCT updated its family of contracts. This course will focus on the Design and Build Contract.

Aims & Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants should be able to:-

  • Appreciate the philosophy of the JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract
  • Understand the more important clauses of the JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract
  • Appreciate the roles and responsibilities of the key parties
  • Manage the JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract.

Course Outline:

Session 1 – Design responsibility under the JCT 2011 Design and Build Contract

  • Who does what?
  • What are the Employer’s roles?
  • What are the Consultants to do for the Employer?
  • What is the Main Contractor to do?
  • What is novation and what impact does this have?
  • Who takes responsibility for the design?

Session 2 – Setting up the Contract

  • The Articles, Recitals and Contract Particulars
  • Definitions and Interpretation

Session 3 – Carrying Out the Works

  • Possession and completion
  • Programme obligations
  • Discrepancies
  • Extension of Time
  • How do you make an extension of time claim?
  • What notices are required and when should they be submitted?
  • Relevant Events
  • Practical Completion
  • Partial Possession
  • Liquidated Damages
  • Defects

Session 4 – Control of the Works

  • Sub-Contracting
  • Employer’s Instructions
  • CDM Regulations

Session 5 – Payment

  • Interim Applications
  • Payment Notices and Pay Less Notices
  • Final Date for Payment
  • Right of Suspension
  • Gross Valuations
  • Retention
  • Loss and Expense

Session 6 – Changes / Variations, instructions

  • Instructions
  • What is a Change?
  • How do variations work in a design and build contract?
  • Valuing Changes
  • Getting paid for variations

Session 7 – Injury, Damage and Insurance

  • Insurance against Personal Injury and Property Damage
  • Insurance of the Works
  • Options A, B and C

Session 8 – Assignment, Third Party Rights and Collateral Warranties

Session 9 – Termination

Session 10 – Settlement of disputes

Mode of Delivery:

This course consists of lectures supported by comprehensive seminar notes and group exercises, discussion and open workshop.

Intended For:

Client’s delegates dealing with design and build contracts who either require an introduction to the contract or more experienced practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge of the form.

Pre-Course Requirements:

Delegates will require a copy of the JCT 2011 Design & Build Contract during the course

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