Introduction to Construction Materials

Our Introduction to Construction Materials course aims to improve knowledge of construction material properties and details how to order, offload, store, handle and check common construction materials including Steelwork, Concrete & Reinforcement, Timber & Plywood and Brick & Blockwork.


This course is designed to improve knowledge of construction materials. At least 1 year of construction experience is required of delegates.

Course Outline:


  • Properties of steel, ordering, offloading and storage of steel on site
  • Safe Steelwork assembly on site
  • Corrosion, steelwork detailing, bolted and welded connections, inspection
  • Construction tolerance and codes of practice

Concrete & Reinforcement

  • Material & properties on concrete, concrete mixes and concrete pressures
  • Strength gain and durability
  • Understanding concrete specifications, sampling and testing concrete
  • Placing, curing and making good concrete
  • Shrinkage, cracking and expansion joints, cold weather working

Timber & Plywood

  • Properties of timber, grading of timber, ordering and storage of timber
  • Structural connections
  • Typical timber construction and other use of timber on site
  • Exposed timber

Brick & Blockwork

  • Properties of brick and block, quantities ordering, offloading and storage
  • Understanding specifications and achieving quality (sample & reference panels)
  • Laying brick and block, properties of mortar, sampling and testing
  • Cavity construction, damp proof, cavity trays, insulation and ties Mortar bed reinforcement, spanning opening and expansion joints
  • Cold weather working

Intended For:

Intended for:

Trainees, junior engineers, graduates, foremen, supervisors, agents.

All our courses can be offered as in-house training