Street Lighting Design - An Introduction


Endorsed by CIHT for CPD                                                                                                                                                   Approved by IHE


Our one day Street Lighting Design course will introduce delegates to the principles of street lighting design. Its aim is to give them an understanding of current practice and the conditions and criteria that affect the design.


Many of our roads and highways are currently being upgraded under PFI schemes. Some lighting installations are over 30 years old and improvements need to take into account both changing traffic conditions and also recent legislation concerning lighting design. The same principles also apply to non-PFI projects and private developments.

Aims & Objectives:

To enable delegates to:

  • Have an understanding of street lighting design
  • Identify the basic types of lamps & luminaires used on highways
  • Have an understanding of electrical cable networks, supply and control methods
  • Estimate the standard and quality of an existing installation
  • Analyse and suggest ways of improving an installation to meet current legislation
  • Determine the road classification in terms of lighting for traffic
  • Understand the software packages and data required for computer calculations

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to explain, in simple terms, current street lighting practice. They will also be able to show how the choice of lamp and lantern can affect the design.

Course Outline:

  • Vision and how drivers and pedestrians see at night
  • Lamp types and LEDs used for street lighting
  • Basic lighting units and intensity distributions
  • Basic electrical units, cables, control gear and electrical safety
  • Europe and British legislation related to street lighting
  • Classification of roads and classes of lighting
  • Lighting software
  • Assessing if road lighting needs upgrading
  • Tutor presentation using PowerPoint.
  • Visual aids
  • Equipment samples
  • Q&A sessions.

Discussion and Feedback from the delegates during each topic forms an important element of the learning process.

The participants will obtain an increased knowledge of highway lighting and methodology.



Intended For:

This course is intended for anyone who wishes to have an understanding of current street lighting practice and design issues.


Pre-Course Requirements:

Delegates should have a basic understanding of engineering. No specific lighting knowledge is required.

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