Coaching & Mentoring

Are You or Your Staff Looking to Become Professionally Qualified?

From large national companies to medium and small businesses, we can help you start or accelerate the process of getting your staff professionally qualified, either by supporting your existing SCE/Manager or providing you with a Mentor who can fulfil this role.

Many employers are keen to assist their staff to become Chartered or Technician Members of a recognised Professional Institution, but either lack the detailed knowledge base to do so or find it difficult to commit staff to maintain the required level of support over an extended period.  To assist these employers, Symmons Madge Associates (SMA) can provide both the expertise of a knowledgeable Mentor and the ability to provide high-quality personal development for each aspiring Chartered, Incorporated or Technician Member.

With the combination of a well structured and tried and tested training scheme, enhanced by the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of our expert team of mentors, SMA can offer you a cost effective and efficient way to maximise the professional potential of your staff.

Our scheme complies with the requirements of the Engineering Council and is recognised by many Institutions as the basis of their professional training, including: ICECIHTIHE , IStructEIMechECIWEMCIOBICESRICSCIWMIET.


How it works

Some of the options we offer are:

     •  Individual guidance and support by an experienced Mentor who will be familiar with the requirements of becoming Chartered, IEng, or a Technician Member
     •  Provision of bespoke training to meet individual employees' needs – in the context of both General and Specific Competencies
     •  Take on the complete role of SCE/DE for the organisation
     •  Act as 'Mentors' to the candidates under the guidance of the client’s existing SCE and Training Agreement
(In this case the range of tasks and frequency of visits would be agreed with the organisation’s SCE)
     •  Act as a 'mentor/source of intelligence' to the Senior Manager/SCE
     •  Give specific, individual and continuing guidance to candidates
     •  As a result of the discussions with the candidates – give feedback and suggestions to the Senior Manager/SCE as appropriate


Some of the benefits resulting from our bespoke role include:

     •  Substantial savings on your training expenditure. For smaller companies, the potential costs of developing and running such a scheme could be prohibitively expensive, as well as time consuming. Larger companies can use our service to free the time of senior engineers/managers to concentrate on their fee earning and management roles.
     •  Structured and efficient completion of relevant Institution’s development objectives – ensuring you see more rapid returns on your investment.
     •  Demystification for you and your staff of what can often seem a confusing, daunting and regimented system. 
     •  More effective matching of the individual’s strengths with the requirements of the competencies.
     •  The staff feeling more valued, raising their motivation and commitment levels and enhancing your staff retention levels with the attendant savings
     •  Eliminating feelings of isolation and lack of direction for the candidate via regular meetings, e-mails and telephone conversations.
     •  Continual updating of any new Institution requirements.
     •  A well-thought-out development programme which should be cost effective, relevant and minimise abortive or non-productive management and staff time
     •  The co-ordination of the formal training into the overall development programme of staff can be organised more effectively.
     •  Giving a clear signal to the staff that the employer is committed to their continuing development within the organisation.
     •  Regular reports, every two months, on the progress of each individual on the scheme.


Download a copy of our Mentoring Brochure here.

If you are interested in our Professional Mentoring Services, please contact:

Casey Anne Jenkins on 01446 775959 or email for further information.