About Us

Symmons Madge Associates Ltd (SMA) has been providing high quality training and professional development support to the engineering and construction industries since 1990. 

We deliver training consultancy, both in-house and open construction and engineering training courses, mentoring and coaching throughout the UK and overseas.

We work closely with the major UK construction and engineering institutions to ensure that all training and mentoring activities are compatible with their requirements for professional qualification and continuing professional development (CPD).

We also work with universities to manage the placement and mentoring of sandwich course students on their "Year in Industry".

"Quality is never an accident"

Our Team:

  • Peter Symmons
  • Rebecca James
    Office Manager & Course Material Coordinator
  • Michele Smith
    In-House Training Manager
  • Carys Welsh
    In-House Training Manager
  • Casey Anne Jenkins
    Open Course Training Coordinator & Mentoring Coordinator
  • Sharon Mills
    In-House Training Coordinator
  • Gillian Prior
    In-House Administration Assistant
  • Anna Griffiths
    Administration Assistant
  • Julie Webb
    In-House Administration Assistant
  • Sian Stocker
    Year in Industry Coordinator
  • Charlie Hill
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Andrew Ogden
  • Peter Dipper
  • Rob Neville
  • Chris Nason
  • Gordon Davis
  • Norman Seward
Year In Industry Tutors
  • John Perkins
  • Kevin Dunster
  • Mike Waythe
  • Norman Seward