Building Regulations and Supporting Approved Documents

This course aims to provide an insight into the Building Regulations, the supporting Building Act, and other associated elements of building legislation in the UK...

Covering the background and development to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings, it explains the key drivers which have resulted in changes to the Regulations. These include the loss of life in fires, issues relating to climate change and the need to accommodate human rights, all of which have impacted on the development of new and updated Regulations.

It will provide delegates with guidance as to how the requirements of the functional regulations are applied to projects, with practical case studies to assist in the understanding, particularly when considering fire safety measures.

Aims & Objectives:

After attending this course, delegates will have a thorough understanding of how the procedural and technical requirements of the Building Regulations impact on a building project. They will also be aware of how other inter-related legislation impacts on the built environment, together with a good awareness of all the technical requirements that the Building Regulations advocate for any new building work.

On completion of the course, delegates should be able to:

  • Describe the structure of the UK Building Act and Building Regulations
  • Understand the way that Building Control is administered and how this relates to the Planning Approval process
  • Differentiate between functional Regulations and technical guidance under the Approved Documents, which support the Regulations
  • Identify the range of requirements that will apply to a building project and why they will vary for different building uses
  • Assess the range of criteria that is often needed to make subjective decisions on functional requirements
  • Understand those requirements of the Regulations that are critical to the safety of occupants and users

Course Outline:

A high level but comprehensive overview of the Building Control legislation, structure and supporting technical guidance.

Provides a good understanding of key principles relating to Building Control in the U.K, its history and why the Building Regulations were introduced. The course will include video footage of fires and structural failures to emphasise the importance of such requirements.

The course will also include information about Local Acts, an explanation of the difference between the previous prescriptive and now functional requirements, together with how the Approved Documents are designed to assist with building development.

An explanation of the different systems of the public and private sectors together with other legislation relevant to the Building Act including: Dangerous structures, demolition work and building work undertaken without consent, etc. Other legislation that will be identified includes the Party Wall Act, building over public sewers, related planning legislation and environmental health requirements.

Some key elements of the course will include:

  • Introduction to the principles of Building Regulations
  • Outline of key elements of the legislation that impacts on design and the construction of buildings
  • Interaction between technical guidance and broad implications of the Act
  • Practical application of the key design elements that affect accessibility and inclusive design. (E.g. fire compartmentation and means of escape in case of fire, energy conservation and accessibility)
  • Information on sources for further research

Mode of Delivery:

Practical workshop which includes an initial assessment and survey:

  • Interactive Group Exercises
  • Case studies
  • Video and photographic presentations
  • Plan appraisal exercises and feedback
  • General Feedback and Discussion on highlighted issues
  • Open Workshop
  • Practical survey / audit work
  • Final Assessment

Benefits of Attending:

  • Greater awareness of issues affecting people and why we need regulations
  • Ability to recognise the importance of issues involved in a building project
  • Understanding of the key elements and Building Regulation requirements that would apply to a project
  • Awareness of broader legislation affecting building work and where to source further information
  • Ability to share knowledge, experience and practical examples

Intended For:

The course is aimed at Architects, Designers, Building Surveyors, Engineers and Contractors, wishing to gain a better understanding of the principles relating to the Building Regulations.

Pre-Course Requirements:

  • Awareness of Building Regulations and associated legislation
  • Understanding and ability to read basic construction plans
  • Beneficial (but not essential) to have access to the Approved Documents that support the Building Regulations (Note: Free to download off the Planning Portal)
  • Practical examples requiring assistance or guidance