CESMM4 (1 day)


An introduction and analysis of CESMM4 Classes A, E, F, G. The delegates will be introduced to all the above classes of CESMM4 and gain an in-depth understanding of each class. They will also expand on this new knowledge by undertaking worked measurement practical examples.

Aims & Objectives:

Each delegate should come away with a working knowledge of CESMM4 Classes A, E, F, G. They should also be able to apply this knowledge by being able to measure/take off civil engineering drawings in accordance with the above classes of CESMM4

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to apply CESMM4 to a range of civil engineering situations including the following:

  • Class A – General items (preliminaries).
  • Class E – Earthworks.
  • Class F – In situ concrete
  • Class G – Concrete ancillaries

Course Outline:

Fundamental Principles of Civil Engineering Measurement:

  • Definitions;
  • General principles;
  • Application of Work Classification;
  • Coding & numbering of items;
  • Preparation of BoQ (includes production of Preamble);
  • Completion, Pricing and use of BoQ;
  • Method related charges;
  • Work classification.

Class A CESSM4: General Items

  • Contractual requirements
  • Specified requirements
  • Method – Related Charges
  • Provisional sums
  • Nominated Sub-contracts

Measurement Process Principles Recap. - Traditional Measurement Process

  • Traditional Measurement Process & Preparation of BoQ

Class E, F & G CESMM4: Earthworks, In Situ Concrete and Concrete Ancillaries.

  • Introduction to Class E, F & G CESMM4.
  • Delegate exercise 1 – take off / measurement of reinforced concrete wall in accordance with Class E, F and G of CESMM4

Mode of Delivery:

  • Initial Assessment
  • Presentations
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Individual Exercises
  • Discussion
  • Open Workshops
  • Feedback Activity

Intended For:

Professionals working in the civil engineering industry such as engineers, project managers, contract managers and quantity surveyors

Pre-Course Requirements:

It would be useful if delegates familiarised themselves with CESMM4 prior to the training.

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