Disputes do happen and rightly or wrongly construction professionals have long put their trust in arbitration. This full day interactive course explores this well-established dispute resolution method with particular reference to JCT and ICE contracts.

Aims & Objectives:

To enable professionals to secure an understanding of key methods of dispute resolution and to work more effectively with their lawyers and others.

Course Outline:

  • How do arbitration, litigation and ADR compare? Is there a 'right' approach?
  • Overview of the Arbitration Act 1996
  • Getting your arbitrator appointed
  • Dealing with the arbitrator
  • Liaising with lawyers and claims consultants
  • What documents are prepared?
  • Is there always a hearing - paper hearings, full blown 'trials'
  • Do I need a barrister?
  • How much does it all cost?
  • Where do the Courts fit in?
  • Role play

Intended For:

All construction professionals engaged in project administration will benefit from this course. No prior knowledge of the subject matter is assumed. On completion of the course delegates will be self directed in identifying issues and will be able better to liaise with lawyers and other external professionals.