GC Works Contracts


In 1998 the latest suite of GC/Works contracts was launched for use on building and civil engineering projects for the UK government.

This course takes delegates through the GC/Works contracts and by the use of illustrated examples enables those attending to understand the documents in theory and practice.

Course Outline:

Session 1

General Overview of the GC/Works/1 Contracts

Session 2

Contract Documentation, Information and Staff

Session 3

General Obligations

Session 4


Session 5

Materials and Workmanship

Session 6

Commencement, Programme, Delays and Completion

Session 7

Instructions and Payment

Session 8

Particular Powers and Remedies

Session 9

Assignment, Subletting, Subcontracting, Suppliers and Other Works

Session 10

Performance Bond, Parent Company Guarantee and Collateral Warranties

Intended For:

Clients, Consultants and Contractors who carry out civil engineering and building work for the UK government.