Railway Signalling (Induction)

Aims & Objectives:

To enable delegates to obtain an appropriate introductory knowledge to their proposed role in the rail industry.

Course Outline:

Signalling Principles

  • Absolute Block Signalling
  • Track Circuit Block Signalling
  • One Train Working
  • Tokenless Block

Radio Electronic Token Block

Lineside Signals

  • semaphore signals
  • colour light signals

Semaphore Signals

  • Distant signal
  • Stop signal
  • Subsidiary signal
  • Shunting signal

Colour Light Signals

Multi-Aspect Signals

  • Junction Indicator
  • Theatre type indicator
  • Offset signal
  • Position Light Signals

Train Detection

Track Circuits

  • Axle Counters
  • Treadles

Bi-directional Working

Signal Identification

Failsafe design

Signals passed at danger (SPAD)

Signal Sighting

Trackside Signalling Equipment

  • Mechanical Signalling
  • Power Operated Signalling
  • Point Machines
  • Rail Point Clamp Locks
  • Hot Axle Box Detectors

Solid State Interlocking (SSI)

Integrated Electronic Control Centre (IECC)

Automatic Warning System (AWS)

Advanced Warning and Protection Systems

  • ATP
  • TPWS

Level Crossing Controls

Station Equipment

  • Train Ready to Start Plungers (TRTS)
  • Right Away Plunger (RA)
  • OFF Indicators
  • Public address
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Platform Mirrors


A mixture of tutor input, videos, syndicate work and practical demonstrations on a model railway will be used to build up the knowledge base required. The training can be consolidated with case studies and syndicate exercises, using the model, to apply the learning to a realistic situation. Delegates can be assessed on the basis of an individual written test.

Intended For:

Managers, project managers, professional, technical and supervisory staff who will be involved in the planning, design, management or execution of work in the rail industry

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